Weave Magic with Natural and Artificial Light using Glass Mosaic Tiles

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Glass mosaic tiles come in a plethora of designs. There are patterns and colours galore. The texture of some glass mosaic tiles may be identical to that of ceramic tiles. You can buy glass tiles with a glazed or a rough surface depending on where you wish to install them. It is perhaps needless to mention that glazed glass tiles will have limited or no slip resistance. Rough surfaces have a greater coefficient of friction and hence are better for flooring. The real difference between ceramic and glass mosaic tile is always the visual appeal. The sheer flexible of glass tiles opens up an entire spectrum of choices. One amazing luxury is the way you can weave magic with natural and artificial light when you choose glass tiles.

Glass can reflect all the light it is exposed to. It can reflect no light at all if you opt for appropriate treatments. Glass can absorb some light and reflect some. It can also refract light. This is true in case of exposure to sunlight and artificial lights. The way light plays in your house has a direct impact on the interior d├ęcor. The quality of interior design will always have an influential role, but the significance of light can never be understated. Glass with its ability to work light in a myriad of ways enables you to set the kind of ambience you want in your home. You can opt for a certain type of glass for your kitchen backsplash, another kind for your living room and a third type for bathrooms.

It is not just the quantum of light that glass absorbs, reflects and refracts. It is also about the distinct hues you can attain in your room, be it a kitchen or living room or bathroom. Coloured glass mosaic tiles will create a kind of illusionary impact that can be soothing, interesting and even alluring. You can achieve a unique vibe in your house with stylish glass mosaic tiles and very few lights. You do not have to use too many lighting fixtures to create a nice effect. Very little light would do as you can determine how much light the glass mosaic tiles would absorb.

There are many types of glass mosaic tiles wherein you can opt for specific materials inside the glass itself. You can go for stones, metals and other materials. These can further enhance the visual appeal of the mosaic tiles, the wall or floor they are installed on and the room. You are the magician and glass mosaic tiles are your wands. Your house can be the stage where you weave magic with natural and artificial light.