Using bathroom tiles for an impressive effect

Whatever the size or shape of your bathroom, if you are thinking or taking on a redesign project then tiles are your new best friend. From creating stunning focal points, to taking a more minimalist approach; quality tiles can be more versatile than you think.

Bathroom tiles for larger spaces

If your bathroom is large or has a unique shape, then using tiles to create focal points is a fantastic way to add your own individual touch to your space. Play around with complementary colours and textures for your walls for the optimum affect.

Bathroom tiles for smaller spaces

Tiles can still be a fantastic choice for smaller bathroom spaces as tiles come in a variety of sizes. Don’t be fooled into buying the smallest size available though, as this can create a cluttered effect that is counter-productive to your cause. Instead, opt for simple styles and lighter colours to make your space look bigger.

Bathroom tiles for any space

Regardless of your bathroom size, utilising floor tiles offers an endless array of colours and styles to choose from. Whether you opt for a more traditional style or a more modern pattern; you can create a stunning effect. Don’t forget to invest in underfloor heating before you lay your tiles to ensure your feet don’t feel a chill in through the winter months.