How to Tell It’s Time for New Wall Tiles

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The wall tiles in your home say a lot about you. Well-maintained wall tiles communicate your high class, attention to detail, and appreciation for beauty. Shoddy or improperly installed wall tiles paint an entirely different picture. While it’s true that your home is for self-expression not first impression, there’s still a lot to be said about a home with a beautiful bathroom or backslash.

Wall tiles are always featured in high-quality homes. In fact, installing the right kind of wall tiles can increase the value of your property in an instant. Existing tiles provide the same boost, but only if they’re well-kept, beautiful, and neutral enough to suit all tastes. You can tell it’s time for some new wall tiles if any of the following things are true about yours:

They’re Discoloured

It doesn’t take a construction professional to tell whether a wall tile is discoloured or not. Especially for tiles installed near the stove or in the shower, discoloration is a natural effect that dulls the appearance of the tile regardless of how much you clean it. If your wall tiles don’t look as good as they used to, and you’ve tried everything, then it may be time to have them replaced.

You See Cracks

You know it’s time to install new wall tiles when the cracks begin to show. Cracking is often due to the foundation settling over time, but cracks can also appear after blunt force and/or excessive moisture accumulation. Cracks may seem innocuous, but over time it can lead to water damage, injury, or property value depletion. Unfortunately, repairing cracked wall tiles is nearly impossible. Most of the time, homeowners are forced to replace the entire section. Might as well just install updated tiles instead of nit-picking each tile in your home.

There Are Chips in the Tile

A chipped tile is not only ugly, it’s also dangerous. If you’ve never stepped barefoot on a broken piece of tile, you probably can’t relate. Brush your arm or leg against the brittle, broken tile and you’ll need a band-aid. Plus, it makes the space look dirty and unkempt. It’s time to replace your wall tiles if you see chips.

Your Home Is Out of Style

Yes, it’s possible for a home to be out of style. Decor trends change often, but timeless designs last a lot longer. If your wall tiles are too trendy to stand the test of time, or if they’ve been defeated by the clock, call a contractor right away to get your home back up to speed.