Why Mosaic Tiles Are Worth Every Penny


Mosaic tiles are worth every penny. You can have a stringent budget and choose as many or as few tiles you want. You may go for a smaller or larger space on the wall, be it a dado or back-splash. You can also opt for mosaic tiles for your floors. Mosaics look great anywhere in the house, living rooms to bedrooms, kitchens to bathrooms. You can also go with mosaics for outdoor installations. Let us explore some of the finer elements, rather attributes, of mosaics that make them worth every penny.

• Mosaics do not undergo discolouration. This may not seem obvious to every homeowner, but many tiles will fade over time. Cheaper tiles will fade faster than you can imagine. We are not talking about outdoor tiles or those that get directly exposed to sunlight and are heavily weathered by water or moisture. The tiles in your living room that do not get exposed to ultraviolet radiation of the sun and do not have to endure moisture like the tiles in bathrooms and kitchens will suffer some discolouration in due course of time. The extent to which a tile would fade will vary and it is also unusual for the tiles to discolour in a uniform manner. Some tiles would appear more faded than others after a few years. Glass mosaic tiles do not have any such problems.

• Mosaics made of glass are odourless. Most tiles are odourless, but they do hold on to good and bad smells. Glass does not retain any smell. This is also why glass is so widely used in kitchens, including restaurants and other commercial spaces where odour is a pressing concern. You should opt for glass mosaics for your kitchens and bathrooms if you wish to do away with foul smells.

• Glass is effectively resistant to microbes, mould and mildew. You do not have to worry about the hygiene of the surface or place where glass mosaic tiles are installed. Glass does not retain moisture and its surface does not allow microorganisms to thrive. A simple wipe and you would get rid of all the dust and dirt. There would be no grime build-up as there is no space on the surface for any kind of pigmentation. Glass mosaic tiles are also easy to clean and affordable to maintain. There is no need to reseal once in every few years.