Four Sure-fire Checks to Choose the Best Floor Tiles

floor tiles

You will have a specific way to assess various types of floor tiles. You may be reasonably objective, or you may be substantially objective in your assessment. No matter how much you prioritise your personal preferences, you will have to accept a few realities to choose the best floor tiles for your house, office or any space for that matter. Here are four sure-fire checks to help you choose the best floor tiles.

• Always go for small floor tiles in your bathroom. You need antiskid tiles for your bathroom and utility areas. Aesthetics, spaciousness and maintenance do matter but none of these attributes are as important as slip resistance. You cannot compromise with slip resistance as it is a matter of safety. Smaller tiles with textures or patterns will be more slip resistant. They would have more grouts that would provide an additional antiskid treatment without any extra investment. You should choose tiles with antiskid treatment, but larger tiles will be more slippery than smaller ones.

• Always go for large tiles in your living room. It does not matter how big or small your living space is. It does not matter what type of floor layout you have and how you are going to arrange or align the various fixtures. You can choose a design or pattern in the tiles on the basis of your alignment. The size is not the subject of any negotiation. Small tiles do not just look bad, but they are also impractical in a living room.

• Always go for different textures or shades when you have to choose floor tiles for transitional spaces. If there is a transition space between your kitchen and dining room or living room and hallway or foyer and home office, then you should use different textures or shades to demarcate the flooring in such spaces. This will not only add a distinct visual attribute to every room or space but also enhance the perception of space. The whole house or an entire floor does not have to be one continuum of the same type, colour or style of tile.

• Always go for light coloured tiles for spaciousness. This applies to every room. Even if a room is sprawling anyway, you can choose lighter hues to enhance that spaciousness. Of course, you would be only contributing to the perception of space and not actual square footage, but it is important when want your interiors to look larger than it is.