Five Popular but Not so Common Floor Tiles

floor tiles

When you think about floor tiles, the first materials that would pop into your head are ceramic, porcelain, slate, marble and wood. It is not entirely fair to carve out a category for floor tiles with the look or appearance of wood because they are made of ceramic or porcelain. The materials are designed to mimic the appearance of hardwood. There are other popular materials beyond ceramic, slate, marble and porcelain that are well known but not so commonly found in homes or offices. Here are five popular but not so common floor tiles.

Granite is one of the most common materials used as countertops in kitchens.

Many homeowners will not choose anything but granite for their countertops, shelves and platforms. However, when it comes to floor tiles, granite takes a backseat. This is primarily because of the cost. Granite is an igneous rock and it has a uniquely natural appearance. The stone is durable, but it is not as ideal for floors as porcelain, slate or ceramic.

A type of limestone, travertine is a popular material, but it is not very common. Travertine floor tiles are made from by-products found in hot springs. Travertine has a unique pattern. If you have a floor in your property that would not have to be the most durable or will not have to endure a lot of traffic, but it should don a unique appearance, then you should definitely choose travertine.

floor tilesStones and pebbles floor tiles are popular, and they are more common than travertine and granite. Stones and pebbles provide a unique setting. They are more suited for bathrooms or showers because they have a natural antiskid surface. Of course, most manufacturers will subject these tiles to an antiskid treatment but they can be safer than ceramic or slate or even porcelain for floors that would get wet.

Onyx floor tiles are another natural material.

They are a type of stone, but they are not as hard as others. Onyx floor tiles can look lovely on floors, but they cannot handle much heavy-duty use or substantial traffic. This is why many people opt for onyx floor tiles in areas that would have medium or light traffic.

Quartzite floor tiles are another natural option. Quartzite is a type of metamorphic rock. It is durable and versatile. Quartzite comes in many colours and textures. It is suited for indoor and outdoor installations. The cost could be a factor for some property owners.