Why Mosaic Tiles Are Worth Every Penny

Mosaic tiles are worth every penny. You can have a stringent budget and choose as many or as few tiles you want. You may go for a smaller or larger space on the wall, be it a dado or back-splash. You can also opt for mosaic tiles for your floors. Mosaics look great anywhere in the house, living rooms to bedrooms, kitchens to bathrooms. You can also go with mosaics for outdoor installations. Let us explore some of the finer elements, rather attributes, of mosaics that make them worth every penny. Continue reading “Why Mosaic Tiles Are Worth Every Penny”

Weave Magic with Natural and Artificial Light using Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles come in a plethora of designs. There are patterns and colours galore. The texture of some glass mosaic tiles may be identical to that of ceramic tiles. You can buy glass tiles with a glazed or a rough surface depending on where you wish to install them. It is perhaps needless to mention that glazed glass tiles will have limited or no slip resistance. Rough surfaces have a greater coefficient of friction and hence are better for flooring. The real difference between ceramic and glass mosaic tile is always the visual appeal. The sheer flexible of glass tiles opens up an entire spectrum of choices. One amazing luxury is the way you can weave magic with natural and artificial light when you choose glass tiles. Continue reading “Weave Magic with Natural and Artificial Light using Glass Mosaic Tiles”

Different Types of Mosaic Tiles made from Stones

Stone was the first material used to make mosaic tiles. Over time and particularly in recent years, stone has taken a backseat and ceramic has become more popular. This is primarily because of the cost. Stone is more expensive and it is also more complicated to work with. Ceramic is much easier to handle, especially during the manufacturing process. Glass remains as popular as it was. While no one can dispute the beauty of glass mosaic tiles, no one can dismiss stone mosaics either. Continue reading “Different Types of Mosaic Tiles made from Stones”