Choose Reliable Installers for Branded Kitchen Floor Tiles with Sufficient Warranty

Kitchen floor tiles are a onetime investment. They are expected to last decades. Rarely does a homeowner change or upgrade kitchen floor tiles unless there is an extensive renovation or remodeling exercise. It is thus imperative for kitchen floor tiles to be durable, easily maintainable and they should retain their splendour over decades, not just for a few years. Many homeowners opt for kitchen floor tiles made by relatively unknown manufacturers and also hire installers who don’t have the necessary experience to ensure impeccable installation. You shouldn’t commit the same mistake. You should always opt for branded kitchen floor tiles and go for reliable installers as well since sans either your returns will be put in jeopardy. Continue reading “Choose Reliable Installers for Branded Kitchen Floor Tiles with Sufficient Warranty”

Why is Ceramic the Most Popular Type of Kitchen Tiles

You cannot choose kitchen tiles using the same set of parameters that you would rely on for floor tiles in the living room, bedroom, study or home office among other areas. Kitchens have a specific type of environment, quite distinct from other parts of a house. Hence, you have to imperatively consider the challenges that the kitchen tiles will have to endure and overcome. Continue reading “Why is Ceramic the Most Popular Type of Kitchen Tiles”

Are Kitchen Floor Tiles Environment Friendly?

Most homeowners want a sustainable kitchen flooring option. They don’t want to choose a material randomly for any given reason. The cost will always be a major factor but reducing carbon footprint and more importantly not bringing home any material that will emit fumes or toxins has become the singularly most crucial need. You are perhaps wondering if kitchen floor tiles are environment friendly and if they are sustainable. Some homeowners think wood is a more natural solution and the likes of bamboo and cork are an even greener option. It is true that these are safer alternatives to any product that has probably been processed and treated with plenty of chemicals. Continue reading “Are Kitchen Floor Tiles Environment Friendly?”

3 Prerequisites to Remember when you buy Kitchen Floor Tiles

kitchen floor tilesThe choice of kitchen floor tiles depends on certain fixed elements and some variable factors. Budget could be a fixed issue for some homeowners. For some it could be variable. Affordability will always dictate the eventual choice and that includes material, design or pattern and the brand of kitchen floor tiles. Bearing in mind the common fixed elements and variable factors, there are three prerequisites that every homeowner must remember at the time of choosing or buying kitchen floor tiles. Continue reading “3 Prerequisites to Remember when you buy Kitchen Floor Tiles”