Choose Favourable Textures for your Bathroom Tiles

Textured bathroom tiles have become extremely common in recent years. Textured tiles have become popular for standard flooring and dados too. It is not just the bathroom where people prefer a little more traction and hence the much-needed non-skid characteristic. Texture is not the same as pattern. It is an integral part of the design but not solely cosmetic or aesthetic. Textured bathroom tiles have greater aesthetic appeal than more conventional options, but the actual surface is also substantially different. Continue reading “Choose Favourable Textures for your Bathroom Tiles”

Types Of Bathroom Wall Tiles

With bathroom wall tiles, it can be helpful to remember that you have a lot of different options. In fact, when it comes to bathroom tiles for the walls, you are going to find yourself perhaps a little overwhelmed by just how many options are out there. Ceramic / porcelain, natural stone, and glass are just a few of the possibilities that are available to you. Each bathroom wall tile type has different strengths and weaknesses that should be observed. Continue reading “Types Of Bathroom Wall Tiles”

Learn About Anti-Slip Ratings For Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles must be resistant to slipping and skidding. Tiles usually have a smooth surface. That reduces friction and also makes cleaning an easy exercise. Most people look for tiles with the smoothest surfaces but that cannot be the approach when it comes to bathroom floor tiles. Bathroom floors need tiles that create friction. Different manufacturers have their own ways of achieving this. Some brands use materials that would naturally offer an anti-slip surface. Some go for special coatings. As a buyer, you need to understand the coefficient of friction, how it is measures and the exact ratings that you should be considering while buying bathroom floor tiles. Continue reading “Learn About Anti-Slip Ratings For Bathroom Floor Tiles”

A Comprehensive Overview of Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles must be durable, resistant to moisture and they should be easy to clean. The best bathroom wall tiles are the ones that are self-cleaning. There could be some stain and lime build-up in due course of time but those should also be convenient enough to clean. It is needless to point out that there are many types of bathroom wall tiles, whether you consider the material or the design. Here is a comprehensive overview of bathroom wall tiles. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Overview of Bathroom Tiles”

Bathroom Floor Tiles

If you are undergoing renovations in your home, one of the rooms that you should focus on should be the bathroom. When you are looking to add the most value to your home, your bathroom is a great place to start, because it is a space that homeowners generally focus in on. There are a few features that are a little over the top, but can be a great addition to your bathroom. They might not be design necessities, but they will be functional and stylish not only for you, but also to future buyers. Bathroom floor tiles are a great place to start with bathroom renovations. Continue reading “Bathroom Floor Tiles”

Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Finest Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles have to be distinct.

They cannot share the design you would choose for your living room or kitchen, study or bedroom. Bathrooms are not as large as bedrooms or living rooms, they don’t have as much natural or artificial light and the aesthetics have to be suited too. From the colours to the patterns, the shapes to the antiskid or anti-slip rating, everything needs to be specifically suited for bathroom floors. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the finest bathroom floor tiles. Continue reading “Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Finest Bathroom Floor Tiles”

Bathroom Wall Tiles: Dos and Don’ts!

tilesBathroom wall tiles are imperative. You need nonskid tiles for the floor and stain & moisture resistant tiles for the walls. You could opt for anything from ceramic to porcelain to slate or other materials as long as they are nonporous and easy to clean. Soap water is not the biggest or the most rigid concern as it can be wiped off easily. Most tiles would allow soap or shampoo to simply run down the surface of the tiles and the walls would remain relatively spotless and clean. You need to worry about lime buildup, stains leftover after the soap or shampoo water and lather in general get washed down or any other stain of cleaning agent and detergents that the bathroom wall tiles may get exposed to. Bearing all these in mind and more, here are some dos and don’ts pertaining to bathroom wall tiles. Continue reading “Bathroom Wall Tiles: Dos and Don’ts!”