The Basic Difference between Ceramic and Vitrified Kitchen Tiles


It is not hard to spot the physical or cosmetic difference between ceramic and vitrified kitchen tiles. Ceramic tiles look much more natural and earthy than vitrified tiles. The appearance of vitrified tiles, regardless of the finish or any specific treatment of a manufacturer, is a tad artificial or synthetic. That may or may not be a concern depending on your personal preference. There are many differences between the two popular types of kitchen tiles if you delve into their attributes. Before you embark on such a comprehensive analysis, you should be familiar with the basic difference.

Ceramic kitchen tiles are made from earthen clay that is mixed with water and then fired at very high temperatures. Vitrified kitchen tiles are also made from clay but there would also be some quartz, silica and feldspar. These tiles are so called because of the vitrification process. This process transforms the mixture into a glass like material. This is the reason why vitrified kitchen tiles have an artificial or synthetic look. The earthen clay or clay does not retain its natural appearance or even resemblance.

Vitrified kitchen tiles have much lower porosity than ceramic kitchen tiles. This is the most important difference. Since you cannot prevent all kinds of spillage in your kitchen, you need the tiles on the floor and also the backsplash to be truly resistant to water. Kitchens are also bound to get humid. You cannot have any tile vulnerable to moisture in the air. Vitrified tiles are thus appropriate. This doesn’t make ceramic kitchen tiles inappropriate. Both are easy to clean and maintain, both have various types of patterns or styles and they can last a really long time.

The artificial glass like appearance of vitrified kitchen tiles is not really a demerit as it tends to enhance the ambience of any room. Unless you absolutely don’t like the look for your kitchen floor, you can always consider either ceramic or vitrified. It should be noted that vitrified kitchen tiles are a form of ceramic tile. It is just a variant with some more elements, thereby a different composition and a few improved attributes.

If you expect substantial traffic in your kitchen, say you have a large family or you have a large island around which you like to host your friends, you may want to go for vitrified tiles. They are a tad more resistant to high traffic.