Learn About Anti-Slip Ratings For Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles must be resistant to slipping and skidding. Tiles usually have a smooth surface. That reduces friction and also makes cleaning an easy exercise. Most people look for tiles with the smoothest surfaces but that cannot be the approach when it comes to bathroom floor tiles. Bathroom floors need tiles that create friction. Different manufacturers have their own ways of achieving this. Some brands use materials that would naturally offer an anti-slip surface. Some go for special coatings. As a buyer, you need to understand the coefficient of friction, how it is measures and the exact ratings that you should be considering while buying bathroom floor tiles. Continue reading “Learn About Anti-Slip Ratings For Bathroom Floor Tiles”

Choose Reliable Installers for Branded Kitchen Floor Tiles with Sufficient Warranty

Kitchen floor tiles are a onetime investment. They are expected to last decades. Rarely does a homeowner change or upgrade kitchen floor tiles unless there is an extensive renovation or remodeling exercise. It is thus imperative for kitchen floor tiles to be durable, easily maintainable and they should retain their splendour over decades, not just for a few years. Many homeowners opt for kitchen floor tiles made by relatively unknown manufacturers and also hire installers who don’t have the necessary experience to ensure impeccable installation. You shouldn’t commit the same mistake. You should always opt for branded kitchen floor tiles and go for reliable installers as well since sans either your returns will be put in jeopardy. Continue reading “Choose Reliable Installers for Branded Kitchen Floor Tiles with Sufficient Warranty”

Assess the Hardness of Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are supposed to be hard. They are expected to endure the weight of materials placed on the floor and the anticipated foot traffic. Floor tiles that are not hard enough for a given space or room will not last long. It is no secret that you need hard enough tiles so they are durable and can withstand the load. However, how do you determine if a certain type of floor tiles is hard enough? Continue reading “Assess the Hardness of Floor Tiles”