3 Things you should know about Stone Floor Tiles

Amidst increasing popularity of stone floor tiles, one must take a holistic approach to understand the benefits and limitations of the flooring option. Many homeowners choose stone floor tiles for its durability, many like the aesthetics and versatility, there are many who focus on the eco-friendliness and some simply want to benefit from the value appreciation of the property after installing stone tiles. Whatever may be the specific reason or multiple reasons to choose stone floor tiles, every homeowner must find out a few essential facts about such a flooring option vis-à-vis their home. Continue reading “3 Things you should know about Stone Floor Tiles”

The Most Popular Type of Kitchen Wall Tiles

Not many people consider ceramic, vitrified or rectified tiles for their kitchen walls. Backsplashes have some unique demands and hence glass tile has become a widespread choice. Porcelain is a suitable material for backsplashes or dados but glass tile adds a distinct attribute that brightens up the kitchen in more than a literal sense. Glass kitchen wall tiles have some advantages and there are a few disadvantages. You ought to be familiar with the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Continue reading “The Most Popular Type of Kitchen Wall Tiles”

Different Types of Mosaic Tiles made from Stones

Stone was the first material used to make mosaic tiles. Over time and particularly in recent years, stone has taken a backseat and ceramic has become more popular. This is primarily because of the cost. Stone is more expensive and it is also more complicated to work with. Ceramic is much easier to handle, especially during the manufacturing process. Glass remains as popular as it was. While no one can dispute the beauty of glass mosaic tiles, no one can dismiss stone mosaics either. Continue reading “Different Types of Mosaic Tiles made from Stones”

The Basic Difference between Ceramic and Vitrified Kitchen Tiles

It is not hard to spot the physical or cosmetic difference between ceramic and vitrified kitchen tiles. Ceramic tiles look much more natural and earthy than vitrified tiles. The appearance of vitrified tiles, regardless of the finish or any specific treatment of a manufacturer, is a tad artificial or synthetic. That may or may not be a concern depending on your personal preference. There are many differences between the two popular types of kitchen tiles if you delve into their attributes. Before you embark on such a comprehensive analysis, you should be familiar with the basic difference. Continue reading “The Basic Difference between Ceramic and Vitrified Kitchen Tiles”

Installation and Maintenance of Kitchen Tiles

The installation and maintenance of kitchen tiles depend on the material. How frequently you need to clean the tile, how you should clean it and the general aesthetic deterioration over time will also be determined by the material you choose. The finish, texture, pattern and other elements will come into play as some designs make kitchen tiles look reasonably pleasant even when they are quite dirty. Some patterns help to conceal stains. This is a double edged sword actually. You may not know the extent of deterioration if you cannot easily spot the stains. But if the kitchen tiles are with no distinct pattern or have a colour that makes the stains more pronounced, then you would need a more frequent cleaning and maintenance schedule. Continue reading “Installation and Maintenance of Kitchen Tiles”