Why is Ceramic the Most Popular Type of Kitchen Tiles

You cannot choose kitchen tiles using the same set of parameters that you would rely on for floor tiles in the living room, bedroom, study or home office among other areas. Kitchens have a specific type of environment, quite distinct from other parts of a house. Hence, you have to imperatively consider the challenges that the kitchen tiles will have to endure and overcome. Continue reading “Why is Ceramic the Most Popular Type of Kitchen Tiles”

Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Kitchen Tiles

Comparing the pros and cons of different types of kitchen tiles is simpler than choosing its colour. Every material you can opt for has certain strengths and weaknesses. You pit one set of attributes against another and you can make an informed opinion. Such an approach does not work when it comes to colour. First, kitchen tiles come in a myriad of colour. They can be monochromatic or there may be a mishmash of colour. Every common colour has at least three to four popular shades. When you factor in the aspect of design or the patterns on your kitchen tiles, the quest becomes all the more complicated. However, there is a way to simplify the process of choosing the perfect colour for your kitchen tiles. Continue reading “Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Kitchen Tiles”

Five Popular but Not so Common Floor Tiles

When you think about floor tiles, the first materials that would pop into your head are ceramic, porcelain, slate, marble and wood. It is not entirely fair to carve out a category for floor tiles with the look or appearance of wood because they are made of ceramic or porcelain. The materials are designed to mimic the appearance of hardwood. There are other popular materials beyond ceramic, slate, marble and porcelain that are well known but not so commonly found in homes or offices. Here are five popular but not so common floor tiles. Continue reading “Five Popular but Not so Common Floor Tiles”

The Five Most Popular Floor Tiles

It is no secret that there are various types of floor tiles. There are different types of materials, styles or designs and colours, sizes and finishes. As a property owner, you would always want to choose the best floor tiles. The type of tile you choose will not only influence the cost and the aesthetics of your property but also functionality and the exact method of installation. Cleaning and maintenance demands also vary based on the type of tile. Here are the five most popular floor tiles used around the world. Continue reading “The Five Most Popular Floor Tiles”